What is a Certificate of Conformity?

Certificate of conformity (CC) is a certificate issued by the Bureau of Agricultural and Fisheries Engineering (BAFE) which guarantees that the agricultural and

fisheries machinery conforms with Philippine National Standards (PNS)/Philippine Agricultural and

Biosystems Engineering Standards (PAES) or other relevant standards identified by BAFE.

Why do MFAI need to apply for CC?

All Manufacturers, Fabricators, Assemblers, and Importers (MFAI) have to secure a Certificate of Conformity

Why do MFAI need to apply for CC?

Pursuant to Section 30 of the RA 10601 otherwise known as the Agricultural and Fisheries Mechanization (AFMech) Law, it is unlawful for any person to:

  • Sell, mortgage, or lease agricultural and fishery machinery without being registered with BAFE
  • Sell new agricultural and fishery machinery without warranty or after-sales service

CC shall form part of the requirements during the government procurement of agricultural and fisheries machinery and be verified during the process of post-qualification.

Violators will be penalized accordingly and sanctioned in accordance to Sections 31 and 32 of the AFMech Law.

A list of all conformant agricultural and fisheries machineries shall be included in the Conformity Certification Registry which will be posted in BAFE’s official website.

What is the Scope of the CC?

The CC Shall cover only those agricultural and fisheries machinery, PNS/PABES, and other relevant standards identified by BAFE.

What is the phasing of implementation?

The implementation of the issuance of CC shall be by phase. Agricultural and fisheries machinery that are not covered under the approved phasing shall not require CC unless deemed necessary by BAFE.

Phase I (2020)

Agri-fishery machinery with rated power of 90hp and above including its attachment and engines with rated power of less than 7hp shall be issued with CC starting on the first year of implementation.

Phase II (2021)

Agri-fishery machinery covered in Phase I and those with rated power between 25-89hp including its attachment and engines with rated power of 7hp and above shall be covered on the second year of implementation.

Phase III (2023)

All agri-fishery machinery not covered in Phases I and II shall be issued with CC on the fourth year of the implementation. On the fourth year of implementation, All agricultural and fisheries machinery with existing PNS/PAES adopted by BAFE as technical regulations shall be required to apply for the issuance of CC.

How do I apply for CC?

  • Applicants shall submit their application to their respective DA Regional Field Office Regional Agricultural Engineering Division.
  • For applicants located in the NCR the documents shall be submitted directly to BAFE.

What are the documentary requirements?

New application

  • Duly accomplished Application Form
  • Duly accomplished Authority to Use the CC form (for Manufacturers/Fabricators with Dealers)
  • Business Permit (Certified True Copy)
  • Certificate of Distributorship/Dealership (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Free Sale/Registration or equivalent documentary requirement indicating the country of manufacture (for imported agricultural and fisheries machinery)
  • Authenticated Copy of Test Report issued by UPLB-AMTEC or Accredited Testing Center


  • Certified True Copy of Previously Issued CC
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Duly accomplished authority to use the CC form (for Manufacturers/Fabricators with Dealers)
  • Authenticated Copy of TR issued by UPLB-AMTEC or any accredited testing center

Application through a representative shall submit the following additional requirements:

  • Any Government Issued Identification Card
  • Special Power of Attorney or Board Resolution

What is the validity period of CC?

The CC shall have the same validity with the submitted test report issued by the UPLB-AMTEC or any accredited testing center.

Any modification with the design of the certified Agri-Fisheries machinery shall be subjected to re-evaluation of BAFE.