During the coordination meeting last march 14, 2023 in Phillipine Space Agency, the following highlights and action plan were discussed. Firstly, PhilSA and BAFE will have a joint Collaborative on Research Agreement (CRA) with PhilSA providing the draft template. This will take place on April 28, 2023. Secondly, the agreed priority commodity to be undertaken is Corn, Onion, and FMR. Thirdly, the target areas are Region 3, with specific locations for each commodity. Corn will be in Pampanga or Isabela (Region 2), Onion in Gabaldon NE, and FMR in Pampanga or Nueva Ecija. Fourthly, the Regional Agri Eng’g Division (RAED) will assist in the conduct of ground truthing activity through BAFE. Fifthly, PhilSA will draft the Project Concept. Sixthly, the next meeting is tentatively scheduled for the first week of May at BAFE office. Lastly, there will be a conduct of Regional Workshop/Training on the first or second week of June, with BAFE funding the activity. The result of this joint collaboration will greatly help in crops monitoring thru satellite images and other researched it may generate